Social Studies

In the Lower School, the Social Studies curriculum focuses on high interest units that introduce skills in geography, mapping, and research, and develops an understanding of historical information and cause and effect relationships.

Through targeted activities, students have opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of history in their own voices. Creative writing, dramatic presentations, visual and graphic arts, independent learning projects, and historical re-enactments are incorporated in the classroom. Students are challenged to express opinions supporting their viewpoints with historical knowledge.

Studies of neighborhoods, families, and communities as well as a historical introduction to Texas history and the colonization of the Americas are introduced at the Lower School level. Through the analysis of historical events, clear understandings of cause and effect relationships are developed. The curriculum encourages acceptance of different cultures and belief systems and fosters students’ confidence in their abilities to face challenges and solve problems successfully.

The Social Studies Department supports school-wide opportunities to celebrate special events like Black History Month and Veteran’s Day with age-appropriate activities and assemblies. The curriculum encourages students to develop reasoning skills, to define their own points of view, and to utilize skills to effectively evaluate, support, and communicate knowledge using great examples from history.