Middle School – 5th to 8th Grade


The Middle School curriculum stresses traditional academic skills while developing critical problem-solving skills in creative ways.

The curriculum is enhanced by an emphasis on organizational skills, study skills, and time management. Additionally, personal responsibility and integrity are considered key components of a student’s education and are emphasized in all personal, interpersonal, and digital interactions.

In fifth and sixth grades, students take two courses in language arts – literature and grammar – along with math, social studies or history, science, and physical education. Students have semester courses in music, art, Spanish, and computer science/technology.

In seventh and eighth grades, students add Latin to their course requirements and continue their studies of English, math, science, social studies, and physical education. Students choose four electives from course offerings which may include 3D Art, Art, Astronomy, Choir, Computer Studies, Creative Writing, Drama, Engineering 101, LEGO Robotics, Makerspace Studio, Musical Theater, and United States History Through Film. Students are also encouraged to participate in Lakehill’s comprehensive athletics program and community service activities.

Middle School Daily Schedule