The mathematics program at Lakehill Preparatory School is designed to guide students toward becoming skilled, thoughtful, and creative problem solvers able to utilize the tools of mathematics in other disciplines. The mathematics faculty helps students acquire a rational understanding of mathematics by including in the curriculum age-appropriate activities with concrete materials and applications to science, business, and experiences.

Throughout the Middle School years, lessons are presented through various approaches, such as hands-on activities with manipulatives, multiple guided examples, and computation practice. In fifth through seventh grades, students develop their math skills using Sadlier-Oxford Math. This step-by-step instruction leads to conceptual understanding; frequent, sequenced practice that develops fluency with skills; support for the development of higher-order thinking skills; and strong development of problem-solving competence. After seventh grade Pre-Algebra, students take Algebra I in eighth grade.

Any eighth grade student who needs additional instruction before entering Algebra I enrolls in Introduction to Algebra, which provides opportunities for more concrete instruction and practice in preparation for Algebra I. Since Algebra I is a prerequisite for graduation from the Upper School, those students in the introduction course are required to take Algebra I in the ninth grade.