Co-educational     K-12     Dallas, Texas

Physical Education

Lakehill Preparatory School prides itself on teaching physical education to all students in kindergarten through eighth grade daily. The PE program focuses on three equally important factors in the area of physical education: movement, health, and social development.

In fifth and sixth grades, physical education is designed to be a fun, exciting, competitive, and safe recreational activity that all students enjoy. The curriculum focuses largely on strength and endurance training as a significant part of students’ daily activities. Also, exercises such as stretching and yoga are incorporated as measures to increase flexibility.

In seventh and eighth grades, students choose to participate in athletics (varies by season) or fitness classes.


All students in seventh and eighth grade are encouraged to participate in athletics which foster team work, school spirit, camaraderie, and a commitment to a lifetime of physical fitness. In addition to playing on a team or being a member of the cheerleading squad, Middle School students attend pep rallies, games, and special events surrounding the Middle School sports program.

  • Boys Football – Grades 7-8
  • Girls Volleyball – Grades 7-8
  • Boys Basketball – Grades 7 -8
  • Girls Basketball – Grades 7-8
  • Boys Baseball – Grades 7-8
  • Girls Softball – Grades 7 -8
  • Boys and Girls Rowing/Crew – Grades 6-8
  • Boys and Girls Track – Grades 7-8
  • Boys and Girls Golf – Grades 7-8
  • Co-Ed Soccer – Grades 7-8
  • Girls Cheerleading – Grades 6-8