Social Studies

The Social Studies curriculum focuses on providing students with a well-balanced course of study that includes elements of geography, history, civics, government, culture, and economics. Hands-on activities and creative projects enhance the learning experience.

The fifth grade World Geography course begins with an introduction to basic geographical terms. Increased understanding of relationships among peoples, nations, and the environment is also a focus of this course.

Sixth grade students combine a study of Texas geography, history, government, and culture in Texas History. Each spring students take a tour of Texas and visit significant landmarks studied throughout the year.

The Ancient Civilizations course for seventh grade students introduces the chronological discovery of the major civilizations including Mesopotamia, Medieval History, and the Roman Empire. An annual trip to the Texas Panhandle and the Palo Duro Canyon helps students better understand ancient civilizations.

The eighth grade American History course presents a chronological study of the Native American peoples through the Civil War. Emphasis is placed on the American Revolution, the creation of our federal government, and the Civil War. The eighth grade curriculum is enhanced with the annual trip to Tennessee to further explore American history with a focus on the Civil War and the Civil Rights movement.