Co-educational     K-12     Dallas, Texas

English and Literature

English and Literature courses promote effective written and oral communication, critical thinking, and a broad appreciation of literature. The curriculum addresses correct form, content, creative application of concepts, and analysis of the written word. Selected course materials promote age-appropriate interest in reading, interdisciplinary connections, and acquaintance with the most respected authors and themes of classic and contemporary literature.

The objective of English I is to emphasize literary analysis using works of contemporary literature. The development of research skills and the close attention to the explication of texts in this course prepare the students for the reading and writing demands of the survey courses that comprise the remainder of the Upper School English curriculum. English II, III, and IV consist of surveys of the classics from World, American, and British literature respectively, using the Norton Anthology series and other novels as texts. In addition to these core courses, the English department also offers AP English Literature and Competition (11th grade) and AP English Language and Composition (12th grade), as well as several elective courses in philosophy and special topics in literature.