Co-educational     K-12     Dallas, Texas

Social Studies

In their study of social studies, students come to appreciate their place in time, their role as informed citizens, and the increasing interdependence of all people. Additionally, students develop an understanding of their involvement in society by developing a comprehensive understanding of the cultural contributions of the world’s various societies. Primary source document analysis becomes a focus and historical writing skills are introduced and practiced in creative and formal settings. Through the use of primary and secondary sources, students learn to think independently, articulate ideas with clarity, and interpret events of the past with consistency.

The required course of study includes AP Human Geography, World History or AP World History, Modern American History or AP U.S. History, Government, and Economics as well as alternating elective courses in Art History I, Art History II, History of Religion, Psychology, AP Psychology, Sociology, Civil War, and Warfare in the Western World. In addition, units of study frequently include historical novels that further encourage analytical thinking and the relatable nature of historical facts.