Tuition Assistance

Financial Assistance Information

The Financial Aid Program at Lakehill Preparatory School is designed to assist families who otherwise would not be able to afford a Lakehill education.  It furthers the mission of the school to provide a college preparatory education to young people with a variety of backgrounds, academic, artistic, and athletic skills, and socio-economic status.

Lakehill Preparatory School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, orientation, or national or ethnic origin in its admissions, administration of its educational policies, financial aid programs, athletics, or other school-administered programs.

Lakehill offers a limited amount of financial assistance to prospective students in the form of a reduction in the amount of tuition charged.  Certain discounts may also be offered to families with more than one student enrolled at Lakehill, as well as to the immediate family of Lakehill faculty and staff.

Decisions as to the total amount of financial assistance provided, the assessment of the needs of prospective students, priorities with respect to the achievement of class sizes, and racial and cultural diversity are all entirely within the sole discretion of Lakehill, acting through its Financial Aid Committee.  Deliberations of this Committee are confidential, and all decisions by this Committee are final and binding. The Committee reserves the right to reject applications that are not submitted in a timely fashion or that are not complete when submitted.

Although the Committee utilizes the services of The School and Student Service for Financial Aid as an objective measure of financial need, decisions as to the amount of financial assistance offered necessarily depend upon a number of other considerations.  Regrettably, Lakehill is not able to meet the financial aid needs of all students who apply. All decisions are made on a year-by-year basis, and there can be no assurance that a student receiving financial assistance in one year will be offered financial assistance, or assistance at a comparable level, in any subsequent year.

How to Apply for Financial Assistance

Step One: On your Application for Admission, check “yes” if you plan to apply for financial aid.

Step Two: Submit a letter to the Headmaster by December 1, 2018 indicating your intent to apply for financial aid.

Step Three: The Parents’ Financial Statement should be completed online by going to  Information for the Parents’ Financial Statement may be obtained from your most recent federal tax return.  Early completion of your taxes will be beneficial when applying for financial aid.

The School and Student Service for Financial Aid will process your Financial Aid Form (FAF). A copy of their analysis will be mailed to Lakehill. This company only evaluates your ability to pay tuition.

Step Four: Send a complete copy of your latest income tax return to the Headmaster’s Office.

Your application for financial assistance is not complete unless you have followed each step carefully and kept the school informed of your progress. Adhering to all deadlines will permit you full access to the financial aid process. Missing deadlines may mean that all funds have been allocated and disbursed when your application is received.

Decisions regarding financial aid are made at the sole discretion of Lakehill, acting through its Financial Aid Committee, and their decision is final and binding. Financial aid grants come directly from Lakehill’s Financial Assistance and Scholarship Fund. No aid will be considered without the completion of the above listed items.

Students receiving financial assistance are expected to maintain a “B” average and participate in the life of the school through activities, athletics, and/or organizations that match the student’s interests.

The Office of Admission is available to answer any questions you may have and to help you complete the FAF if needed. The information you provide remains confidential.

Financial Aid Deadlines

When applying for aid, it is imperative that you complete each of the following steps and adhere to all deadlines.

Send all scanned forms for Tuition Assistance to:
Headmaster’s Office
c/o Nora Kidder
Please put “Tuition Assistance” in the subject line.

December 1, 2018
Submit a letter by email to the Headmaster, Mr. Roger Perry, indicating your intent to apply for financial aid.

December 1, 2018
Submit the required financial statements through the portal

December 1, 2018
Submit a scanned copy of your 2017 income tax return to Nora Kidder in the Headmaster’s Office.

February 15, 2019
Submit a scanned copy of your W-2 forms to Nora Kidder in the Headmaster’s Office.

March 1, 2019
Send a scanned copy of your 2018 income tax return to Nora Kidder in the Headmaster’s office.

March 8, 2019
For new students: Financial aid contracts will be sent with an acceptance decision letter if all parts have been submitted on time.
Returning students: Tuition assistance re-enrollment contracts will be sent if all parts have been submitted on time.

March 22, 2019
This is the last date to return the contract and confirm acceptance of the financial aid offer for both new and returning students.