Co-educational     K-12     Dallas, Texas

2021-2022 Coaching Staff

Jhoana Cayme-Mosley
Athletic Director

Varsity Volleyball – Head Coach
Middle School and Varsity Track – Head Coach
Daniel Bracken
Varsity Soccer – Head Coach
Middle School Softball – Head Coach
Laurence Brown
JV Boys Basketball – Head Coach
Varsity Basketball – Assistant Coach
Mylana Burt
Varsity Cheerleading – Head Coach
Thomas Cantu
Middle School Football – Head Coach
Varsity Soccer – Assistant Coach
Kinzie Garcia
Varsity Softball – Head Coach
Kaye Hauschild
Middle School Cheerleading – Coach
Abraham Hernandez
Strength and Conditioning
Richard Jaggers
Middle School Volleyball – Head Coach
Adam Jochelson
Middle School Soccer – Head Coach
Amy Jodry
JV Volleyball – Head Coach
Varsity Volleyball – Assistant Coach
Darvin McBrayer
Varsity Tennis – Head Coach
Middle School Tennis – Head Coach
Jairus Mitchell
Varsity Football – Head Coach
Middle School Basketball – Head Coach
Bradley Neyland
Varsity Boys Basketball – Head Coach
Middle School Baseball – Head Coach
Jacqui Nickell
Varsity Girls Basketball – Head Coach
Larry Nickell
Varsity Girls Basketball – Assistant Coach
Karen Owen
Varsity and Middle School Cross Country – Head Coach
Middle School and Varsity Track
Danny Torres
Varsity Baseball – Head Coach