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Lakehill’s Curling Club competes in teams of four. The sport features the “rock”, or the granite stones that are launched across the ice, and brooms that are used to brush the ice in order to make the rock glide easier towards the target. The Skip stands in the house with his broom used as a target for the person throwing, and determines the strategy. One player at a time (lead, second, vice, and then skip) throws two rocks for a total of eight. Two players sweep the rock for each throw. Curling is a sport played worldwide by millions of people, with simple rules and a fun atmosphere that makes it perfect for anyone willing to try something new.

Why Curling?

No Experience Needed
Curling is a walk-on sport that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of ability or skill.

Total Body Workout
Curling delivers aerobics, muscle training, flexibility, speed training, and precision training, and has cardiovascular benefits.

Olympic Sport
Since 1988, curling has been a staple in the Winter Olympic Games. Maybe you could be the newest member of the US Olympic Curling team!

Accessible to Everyone
Curling is available to any age, any ability, and any gender and is even wheelchair accessible.

Learn More About Lakehill Curling
Lakehill’s Curling Club is accommodated by the DFW Curling Club and practices on their Dr Peppper StarCenter Ice Rink. Visit their website to learn more.

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