Co-educational     K-12     Dallas, Texas

Distance-Learning Program

Lakehill students will begin classes via distance learning on August 24, 2020. We are committed to providing a high quality distance-learning program for our students.  

Every teacher will be using Google Classroom from the first day of school. All lessons and assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. This will provide students with one place to find all information for all classes. It will also provide students a platform for completing and submitting assignments. During the first few days of classes, the faculty will work with students to ensure they are comfortable using Google Classroom and other digital tools. 

All students will have a Google Classroom login for accessing instruction and assignments online. Parents will be given access as well. Teachers will use these accounts all year whether we are at home for distance learning or on campus for in-person learning.

We strongly recommend that each student have access to a device for distance learning. Lower School students in kindergarten, first, or second grade will do well with a touchscreen tablet, such as an iPad, while those in third and fourth grades might use an iPad or Chromebook with a keyboard and a stylus. Middle and Upper School students should have a touchscreen tablet and keyboard, such as an iPad or Chromebook, or a computer with touchscreen capabilities, and a stylus. Additionally, every household should also have a printer accessible to the students.

For Lower School, Zoom calls will be scheduled so that students meet with teachers each morning and each afternoon for active teaching. Additionally, teachers will provide instructional videos and other aids for students so that they can better understand the topics being studied. Zoom calls with specialty teachers will be scheduled following the blue day/green day schedule. Teachers will have office hours so that students or parents can ask questions or get additional instruction.  

For Middle and Upper School students, Zoom calls will be scheduled based on the blue day/green day class schedule. All classes will meet virtually for instruction, student interaction, and discussion. Teachers will have office hours so that students can ask questions or get additional instruction. Teachers will provide additional sources including instructional videos and links to other resources so that students have information to enhance their understanding of topics being studied.  

Grading while distance learning will be the same as grading used when students are on campus.

The Zoom schedules and faculty office hours will be available on August 20, prior to the scheduled information sessions.

With the use of Google Classroom, Zoom calls, teacher office hours, and additional videos/instructional resources, the distance-learning program will be streamlined and effective.