Co-educational     K-12     Dallas, Texas

Volunteer Opportunities

It takes parent involvement at all levels to make a successful parent club.  At Lakehill we are lucky to have parents who are involved and motivated to make the school a better place. If you would like to be a part of any of the following committees, please sign up here or contact the committee chair for more information.

We invite you to become involved at all levels. If you only have a day to give or if you want to be involved in something from start to finish, we welcome you to the Club!

Committee Chairs 2019-2020

Athletics/Concessions (including Team Parents and Tailgate Parties)

Michelle Crow


Marni Andreason, Brooke Scruggs, and Shelley Shook

Back-to-School Picnic

Stacie Smith

Book Fair

Katie Lavie and Sherri Barrett

Dads’ Club

Brad Robinson

Faculty Appreciation

Allison Bassman and Kellie Armentrout

Field Day

Carrie Booth


Allison Lewis and Taylor Seideman

Grandparents Day

Jill Powdermaker

Halloween Carnival

Angela Willeford

Library Support

Jennifer Knickel

Performing Arts

Becky Blanchard

Promotional Programs

Angela Degeyter

School Supplies

Carrie Youngberg

Spirit Shop/PE Uniforms

Rachellee Jones and Monique Haden

Senior Day

Michelle Crow

Trek for Tech

John and Karen Owen

Warrior Welcome

Colleen McCall, Michelle Crow, Lydia Perry, Barb Witherite, and Andrea Johnston

Room Parents


Ms. Poore – Carrie Booth

First Grade

Ms. Gigliotti – Jessica Castillo

Second Grade

Ms. Berman – Rachellee Chandler-Jones and Jennifer Knickel
Ms. Johnson – Kouy Kolar-Novice

Third Grade

Ms. Curtis  – Shelley Shook
Ms. Rasheed
– Kellie Armentrout and Caroline Nikolic

Fourth Grade

Dr. Haynes – Katie Lavie
Ms. McCoskey – Lisa Lopez

Fifth Grade

Brooke Scruggs and Shelley Shook

Sixth Grade

Catherine Gordon and Karin Matz

Seventh Grade

Tricia Neerman

Eighth Grade

Kendal Cook

Ninth Grade

Kimberly Reister

Tenth Grade

Michelle Crow

Eleventh Grade

Maria Ganson

Twelfth Grade

Gigi Ekstrom, Reham El-Sherazi, and Carolyn Howard