Campus Experience: Upper School

Drop-off Procedures

  • The building will open to students at 7:35 a.m.
  • Upper School students getting dropped off will enter the Commons through the southwest door.
  • Contactless drop-off, with parents remaining in their cars, will be emphasized. A staff member will be at each access point taking temperatures.
  • Upper School students driving a car to school will enter through the west door by the Community Room.
  • Once students have entered the building, they will proceed directly to their classrooms. Students will not be using lockers during this initial phase. They will have their backpacks with them in each classroom so that we can maintain physical separation in the hallways.

Drop-off and Pick-up During the School Day

If a student needs to leave early or arrive late, such as for a doctor’s appointment, the student will enter and exit through the front main entrance. If a student needs to leave during the day, the parent should park in one of the parking spaces in front of the main office, stay in the car, and call Ms. Drake, 214-826-2931. The student will be escorted to the car. Upon returning to school, the student should enter through the main entrance and check in with Ms. Drake.       

Cafeteria and Lunch

We are currently furnishing the cafeteria with rectangular tables to allow for increased physical distancing and are installing plexiglass dividers on the tables. The lunch schedule will be adjusted to accommodate smaller groups of students. 

There will be no hot meal service this year. Our food service provider, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, will offer boxed cold lunches with a salad or sandwich, two sides, dessert, and bottled water. These lunches MUST be ordered ahead of time. Ordering information will be sent out in August. Students may also bring lunch from home.  Microwaves will not be available during this phase. Please do not have food delivered to campus, as we are not allowing visitors in the building during this phase.

Upper School students have lunch at 1:15 p.m. each day.

Afternoon Carpool Procedures

  • Upper School carpool will begin at 3:30 p.m.
  • Upper School students will exit through the door in which they entered.

Academic Day

Schedule and Classrooms

Upper School students will attend classes based on a rotating block schedule. Desks will be positioned three to six feet apart or divided by plastic barriers to allow for physical distancing in the classroom. The science labs will be used for science classes with students separated by plexiglass dividers on each lab table. Choir and Musical Theater will be held in the auditorium where students will be physically distanced for singing. Computer classes will be held in the computer lab where plexiglass will be installed between each workstation.  

Backpacks and Supplies

Students will use backpacks that they will keep with them in the classroom. Lockers will not be used during this initial phase of reopening. Students need to have their own set of supplies such as markers, pencils, scissors, etc. We recommend that students have two backpacks, one for blue day classes and one for green day classes. Students can then bring the appropriate backpack for the classes they have each day. This is not required, just an organizational suggestion. 

One-Way Traffic

An additional change is the implementation of one-way hallways. In order to reduce congestion in the hallways, students will follow a one-way traffic pattern when changing classes.


Restroom Breaks and Cleaning Procedures

Restroom breaks will be given to a maximum of three students at a time. No more than three students will be allowed in a restroom at one time. Restrooms will be cleaned throughout the day.  

Students will be asked to use hand sanitizer each time they leave or enter a classroom. Student desks will be cleaned between each class period as well as by the janitorial service in the evenings.  

Google Classroom and Digital Resources

All students will have a Google Classroom login for accessing instruction and assignments online. Parents will be given access as well. Teachers will use these accounts at school to reinforce skills in navigating Google Classroom and other digital resources and to make sure that students are able to access, complete, and turn in assignments online.

Every student must bring their own headphones each day.

Any assemblies will be virtual rather than in-person, either as pre-recorded videos or as live Zoom sessions. Students will view the assembly on the screens in their classrooms. Field trips will be virtual or postponed.

Face Masks and Water Bottles

Each student must wear a mask or face shield every day. Face coverings must be worn at all times while on campus unless eating lunch. Each student should also bring a water bottle each day as the water fountains will not be in use.

Performing Arts

Musical Theater and Choir will be held in the auditorium to allow for physical distancing. Any performance will be recorded or live streamed if we are unable to have a live audience due to health and safety restrictions.  


Practices and Competitions

Athletic practices will take place during the athletic period during the school day. Practices will follow the current guidelines set forth by TAPPS and UIL. Locker room use will be limited.

Athletic competitions will be governed by current TAPPS and UIL guidelines.

Buses and Transportation

Initially, bus use will be limited to essential trips only. Alternative transportation for smaller groups may include parents driving students to athletic contests. Buses will be deep cleaned each week. All surfaces exposed to students will be disinfected before and after each trip. Only one student per bench seat will be allowed. Everyone in the bus will wear a face covering. Each person will sanitize their hands prior to boarding the bus, and physical distancing will be practiced when loading and unloading.