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The Value of an Independent School

Lakehill Preparatory School is an independent school. Independent schools may be secular or religious and may be based on a particular educational philosophy. They are governed by a board of trustees that is solely responsible for the school and are independently funded, mostly through tuition. Independent schools are characterized by strong academics, adherence to quality standards, autonomy in choosing curriculum, and adherence to school mission.

Why an independent school?

The goal of choosing a school is to match a child’s abilities, interests, and needs with the most appropriate educational setting. Independent schools have unique missions, philosophies, and core values. The right school for any child is the one that can best meet the needs of that child. This decision may be made at the beginning of your child’s educational career or even in “midstream.” If an independent school was not your initial choice, at some point in your child’s education, you may decide that your child is not thriving and you want to pursue a different learning community.

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What does this mean for parents and students at Lakehill?

  • We have the freedom to develop our own curriculum, allowing for enormous variety and creativity in teaching, course content, and the ability to tailor and accelerate classes according to the needs of our students.
  • We shape our learning community by choosing students and families who place a high value on an excellent, liberal arts education and faculty and administrators who best fit our mission and vision.
  • We make the choice to have small class sizes, focus closely on each individual child’s strengths and challenges, and foster meaningful relationships between students and faculty.

Signs of Success

Research highlights some interesting facts about independent school students and alumni. In the immediate, independent school students:

  • Watch one-third less television
  • Much more often participate in extracurricular activities, particularly athletics
  • More readily agree that students and teachers work well together, that discipline is fair, and that teaching is strong
  • Spend more time outside of school engaged in meaningful study
  • Lead the nation in post-secondary achievement
  • Place a higher value on community service and civic participation

Lakehill is a co-educational school.

We believe that the benefits of co-education have a long term, positive impact.

Lakehill Preparatory School accurately reflects the diversity of society, preparing students for real world experiences and situations. Students learn to interact and collaborate with others regardless of gender, which builds confidence and introduces them to a wider variety of ideas and opinions.

We believe that our graduates are socially well-adjusted and are better prepared to excel in post-secondary education and enter the workforce.