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Important Resources

How to speak to children about traumatic events
Talking to children after racial incidents (Penn GSE)George Floyd. Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. What do we tell our children?” (USA Today) 

How to teach about racism and civil unrest
Talking About Race (National Museum of African American History & Culture)

Beyond the Golden Rule: A Parent’s Guide to Preventing and Responding to Prejudice (Teaching Tolerance)

Understanding Race and Privilege (National Association of School Psychologists) 

How students can take action
Brooklyn Friends School in New York hosted a Zoom meeting with the founding members of IRunWithMaud. Participants heard from Ahmaud Arbery’s friends and family about their experience and learned what they can do to seek justice and create change. If you would like to receive the recording as well as information about follow-up actions, please email

Author Jason Reynolds helps young people understand what led to the protests we’ve seen over the past week and what children can do to build a less racist society.