the right home for your student

Lakehill Preparatory School provides Dallas K-12 students the limitless opportunities they need to excel, and the rich support they need to keep forging ahead.

Education Shouldn’t Fit
students into a Mold…
It should help them break it.

Too many students are pushed into a mold, and miss the opportunity to discover their true calling in life. Too many schools lack the deep relationships needed to support students on their academic journey. At Lakehill, we focus on empowering students to discover their unique pathway to greatness.


Your student can flourish if they get individual attention. That’s why our top priority is creating an academic environment that starts with relationships. Everything from class sizes to academic activities and extracurriculars is built around students. Give your student the individual focus they need to excel.

Surrounded By Deep Friendships and community

Your student needs a dynamic community around them to reach their full potential. From academic mentoring to an engaged parent network, your student will experience a vibrant community to develop deep friendships and interpersonal skills. Give your student a community advantage.

Seizing every opportunity to excel

For students to discover their own path to success, they need the opportunity to try things. Lakehill is designed to give your student the freedom to pursue learning their way, from athletics to advanced academics, from independent studies to lead in theater productions, every student is given the freedom to choose their own path, with no limitations on their options.

50 Years of Family Achievement

We believe every student needs a strong foundation of relationships to achieve the academic and personal excellence they’re capable of. It’s what we want for our children too. That’s why for over 50 years we’ve focused on developing the relationships and opportunities our students need, and their success is living proof that it’s working.

Find a school home where your student can thrive. Find Lakehill.

Discover The Place Your
Student Will Thrive

Lower School

Lower School surrounds your student with a nurturing network of instructors and students. It’s a safe environment to master foundational subjects while fostering a lifelong love of learning.

Middle School

Middle School is where your student starts owning their education. It’s the time where they develop their unique academic interests while discovering their identity within community.

Upper School

Upper School is where your student can achieve every kind of excellence. They’ll join a community of other young leaders exploring their future inside and outside the classroom.

How You’ll Know It’s A Good Fit

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See Your Student Flourish

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Apply Now

Lakehill is still accepting applications for select grades for the 2024-2025 school year. Contact us, and an admissions representative will get in touch with you!

Apply Now

Lakehill is still accepting applications for select grades for the 2024-2025 school year. Contact us, and an admissions representative will get in touch with you!