Help Your Student Own Their Education

Lakehill challenges Middle School students to develop their unique academic interests while empowering them to discover their identity in a healthy community. 

Middle School Should Be Where Students Discover Their Potential.

No student should be kept from discovering the full range of possibilities available to them in life. Too many schools lack the deep relationships needed for Middle School students to confidently explore. At Lakehill, we help Middle School students discover their passions and develop their skills on their way to personal achievement.

Students Finding Their passion

We help students find their passions by introducing them to new experiences inside and outside the classroom. This focus on individual discovery gives each student the confidence to grow new interests and develop new skills.

Your Student becoming their best self

We take what fuels your student and help them focus on developing relevant skills. From choir to athletics, from theater to debate, our goal is that your student combines passion and skill as they develop their talents.

Relationships that can last a lifetime

Students are at the center of the Lakehill community, and they develop the healthy interpersonal and problem-solving skills they need to contribute to their community now and forever. 

Encouraging Students To Envision Their Future

With a strong foundation of community, academic excellence, and focused interests, our Middle School students start envisioning where their lives might take them, and they start planning next steps towards their dreams.

How You’ll Know It’s A Good Fit

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