Give Your Student A Safe Place To Grow

Lakehill surrounds elementary school students in an environment where they can master academic fundamentals while also fostering a lifelong love of learning.

Elementary School Should Be
a Safe Space for Students to
start their academic ascent.

Too many academic triumphs are squashed before they ever get started. Students need the right environment to develop a deep love of learning. At Lakehill, we care for elementary students individually as they master the academic and social fundamentals that will fuel their future successes.

A caring place For Students To Learn In

Lower School surrounds your student with a nurturing network of teachers and students. It’s the type of environment children need to master foundational subjects while beginning to learn how far they can go.

Mastering The Building Blocks Of Their Future

Your student will learn core subjects in a personalized environment. Daily they’ll engage in a variety of activities designed to help them explore topics in depth and discover more about themselves while propelling them further on their educational journey. 

Cultivating A Lifelong Love Of Learning

We emphasize individual growth in students while also surrounding them with a strong community. That balanced approach creates a safe place to try, learn and ultimately succeed. By developing a lifelong passion for learning, students find the fuel for their future successes.

Confident, Strong, and ready to learn.

Our Lower School students develop into confident, strong, and capable young people. They’ve begun to master the fundamentals, they’re intensely curious, and they’re willing to begin to reach for their dreams. They have what they need to move forward on their academic journey.

How You’ll Know It’s A Good Fit

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