Learn With Curiosity
Students benefit from a rigorous academic environment, while being supported by passionate faculty and a strong sense of community.
Lead With Confidence
Athletics, the arts, and a wealth of student activities and organizations promote teamwork and help develop valuable leadership skills.
Serve With Compassion
Through community outreach, Lakehill teaches students to embrace a spirit of volunteerism in the hopes of fostering a life-long passion for service.

Become a warrior

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At Lakehill, we build effective relationships with our students that lead to their academic and personal success.

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Students of all ages flourish when they have a supportive community and the opportunity to excel.

A challenging and nurturing education community

Lakehill Preparatory School guides motivated students to learn with curiosity, lead with confidence, and serve with compassion. Our challenging and nurturing educational community inspires students to become collaborative problem-solvers who live with integrity.


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Too many students are pushed into a mold, and miss the opportunity to discover their true calling in life. Too many schools lack the deep relationships needed to support students on their academic journey. At Lakehill, we focus on empowering students to discover their unique pathway to greatness.

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Become a Warrior

Lakehill Preparatory School

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