Co-educational     K-12     Dallas, Texas

Boys Basketball – Middle School

Interested Middle School boys are encouraged to join the Warrior Basketball team. Team members practice during the Athletics period, in preparation for the season. Interested athletes are encouraged to join the team at all levels of expertise. Basics are taught as well as skills to increase the abilities of current players. The program is designed to instill a hard work ethic and winning spirit. Commitment to the team is expected of all Warrior athletes and regular attendance at practice is required. The Division I team participates in the 3A District League with similar sized schools. The Division II team competes in the IAA League, also against similar sized schools. Middle school athletes not only learn the basics of basketball, but also develop a sound foundation to transition to Lakehill’s Varsity Basketball team. The 2019-2020 team finished the season as IAA champions.

Check the RenWeb calendar for up-to-date Athletic Schedules.

Bob Yttredahl, DI Head Coach, Middle School Boys Basketball
Jairus Mitchell, DII Head Coach, Middle School Boys Basketball