The Choir Program at Lakehill encourages and nurtures individual interests and talents by offering special classes and performance opportunities to all students in kindergarten through grade 12.

Lower School students meet three times a week for music class. They work on pitch discrimination, phrasing, dynamics, and rhythm concepts to begin what can be a lifelong appreciation and understanding of music and the arts. Our students have a blast incorporating fun songs with vocal warm ups, core exercises, and rhythm games. They also perform throughout the year, including Grandparents Day, the Winter Program, and Spring Fling. which includes a fabulous art show of Lower School students’ projects created in their Art classes.  In addition, fourth grade students perform the popular musical, Shh…We’re Writing The Constitution, a clever and fun look into the Continental Congress’ writing and signing of our Constitution.

Middle School Choir offers students the opportunity to enjoy the art of making music in an ensemble. Students will work on the fundamentals of healthy singing and will work on part-singing. Music from a wide variety of musical genres will be studied. Students will participate in one required musical performance.

Upper School Choir is offered to all students who want to express themselves through singing in an ensemble. Both beginners and experienced members are welcome. Choral singing offers a unique opportunity for students to develop both their singing voices and musical abilities. A wide range of musical styles and genres will be studied and performed. Performance opportunities include Grandparents Day, assemblies, fall and spring concerts, and the Holiday Luncheon. The group also participates in the ISAS Fine Arts Festival and TPSMEA.

Lakehill Singers is open to all high school students, whether newcomers or seasoned choral singers, who want to learn basic choral skills and who have the desire to sing in a group. Students will learn music from a variety of styles and historical periods including Broadway, choral classics, ethnic, and folk music. All students are encouraged to learn to use their voices with confidence and skill through vocal warm-ups, instruction in vocal production, and part-singing.