Called by Time the “theater event of the year,” Mary Zimmerman’s Metamorphoses brings Ovid’s tales to stunning visual life. Set in and around a large pool of water onstage, Metamorphoses juxtaposes the ancient and the contemporary in both language and image to reflect the variety and persistence of narrative in the face of inevitable change.

As Musical Theater students prepare for their yearly musicals, they learn the elements of choreography, solo and choral singing, staging, set and costume design, makeup, publicity, and problem solving. In the Drama class, emphasis is placed on developing creative expression and confidence through participation in individual and group pantomimes, short skits, improvisations, and one-act plays.

Other opportunities for theater include:

  • Lower School Drama Club
  • Middle School Drama Club (5th and 6th Grade Students)
  • Musical Theater (Middle School and Upper School)
  • Introduction to Drama (Middle School and Upper School)
  • Competition Theater (Middle School)
  • U.S. History through Movies (Middle School)
  • Advanced Drama Studies (Upper School)
  • Theater History (Upper School)
  • Digital Production (Upper School)
  • Improvisation Club (Upper School)
  • Film Society (Upper School)
  • Meats and Theats Club (Upper School)