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College Counseling

College counseling at Lakehill Preparatory School is a highly-individualized process designed to assist students through an exciting time in their educational journey. The focus is on assisting students in being accepted at the colleges and universities that will best match their personal and academic goals.

The official college advising program at Lakehill begins in eighth grade. Students and their parents meet individually with the Director of College Counseling to first become acquainted with one another and then to discuss Upper School course selections. During these meetings, eighth grade students and parents are made aware of the increased importance of grade point average, course selection, summer enrichment opportunities, and involvement in school activities and in the community.

The Director of College Counseling meets with parents and students at grade-specific college nights. During the freshman and sophomore years, students take the PSAT each fall to begin preparing for college entrance exams. When PSAT scores are returned, students are encouraged to evaluate their results through the College Board and to begin taking the SAT practice tests. Students are again reminded of the importance of grade point averages and are encouraged to continue to be involved in activities. Additionally, freshmen and sophomores are advised to begin visiting college campuses and meet with college representatives who visit Lakehill.

Juniors take the PSAT for the final time, mindful of their participation in the National Merit Scholarship Program. At College Night for Juniors, held during the second semester, the Director of College Counseling reviews PSAT scores and goes into greater depth about the college application process including resume writing, student essays, and letters of recommendation. In the spring, juniors attend a professional seminar on resume writing and essay writing. The Director of College Counseling meets with each junior and their parents to discuss specific college goals.

The Director of College Counseling works closely with all seniors on virtually a daily basis. Additionally, the Director of College Counseling provides instruction for writing college essays and compiling final resumes. Furthermore, the Director of College Counseling provides frequent reminders about deadlines for applications, scholarships, financial aid, and student housing. In the spring, the Director of College Counseling works with students to help them make their final decisions on where they will attend college.

Heather Clift
Director of College Counseling