Upper School 9th-12th


At Lakehill Preparatory School, we take the word preparatory in our name very seriously. From kindergarten through high school, our curriculum is designed to instill in our students the importance of a well-rounded education. Throughout a student’s academic career, we build on an educational program that achieves our goal of enabling graduates to attend the finest, most rigorous universities that best fit their needs and desires.

Lakehill challenges highly motivated students by providing them with a robust academic curriculum and by cultivating their unique talents. Whether these talents are in the writing lab, on the athletic field, in math, science, or the arts, every child is encouraged to strive for more and to discover new and exciting abilities along the way. 

Lakehill is celebrated for the breadth of activities it provides. From kindergarten through high school, our extensive programs expose every child to new experiences. Students are encouraged to participate and challenged to excel where they may not have thought possible. 

Lakehill is accredited by the Independent School Association of the Southwest (ISAS).