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Library Resources and Facilities

The Lower School Library supports the curriculum and provides opportunities to discover new worlds and develop a passion for reading that will last a lifetime for students in kindergarten through fourth grade. The Library is open 7:45 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. daily and is open to all students throughout the school day. Students check out books during their weekly library classes. Teachers also send older students to the library individually or in small groups to check out books on their own.

The Lower School Computer Lab is located next to the library. Computer classes meet twice a week for students in kindergarten and first grade and three times a week for second, third, and fourth graders. The lab provides a primary version of many of the research databases utilized by the Middle and Upper School students. Beginning in second grade, students participate in grade level reading competitions. Students are encouraged to read award-winning books and take computerized tests to measure their reading comprehension.

A recent renovation transformed The Walt and Anne Waldie Library into a space that students and faculty love to visit – further enhancing what has always been a vital part of the school community. With its open stacks, a new wall of windows with a view of the courtyard, and improved seating and work space, the Waldie Library welcomes students and faculty as they enter through the new glass double doors.

The Waldie Library serves as a center for academic research, individual and group study sessions, and recreational reading. The Library collection and services offered by the Librarian support the work done in the classroom, enhance the concepts being taught, and expand the academic possibilities through the use of printed materials and online resources.

The Librarian provides students with materials and guidance for classroom assignments, pleasure reading, general information, and ensures that students learn the necessary research skills to be successful in school and college. All library resources complement and enhance the school curriculum and address subjects of interest to young people. In addition to print materials, an extensive collection of online resources are available to Middle and Upper School students. The web-based catalog, Destiny, is available 24/7 from home or anywhere with internet access. To access Destiny, please click on the link below.

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View Online Resources:

The web-based catalog, Destiny, is available 24/7 from home or anywhere with internet access. To access Destiny, please click on the link below.

The Library is open before and after school for Middle and Upper School students. Upper School students may use the library during their lunch period and study halls.

Parents are welcome to visit both libraries and borrow materials.

Teachers may reserve the Waldie Library for class meetings and research projects.

The Writing Lab, connected to the main library, provides class instruction and research opportunities as well as creative writing activities. The lab is an extension of the library and allows students the use of 19 additional computers for research projects. Students are taught online safety and digital citizenship.

Teachers may reserve the Writing Lab for class meetings and research projects.

The Birthday Book Donation Program is available for kindergarten through twelfth grade students. Parents are invited to purchase a book in honor of their child’s birthday. The newly donated book is then permanently labeled as an honorary donation with the student’s name on the inscription. Our library collections continue to grow through this program implemented over twenty years ago.
Download the Birthday Book Donation Form or contact Sue Stretcher for more information.

Parents have many opportunities to help in the library. Reading to Lower School students, shelving books, and helping with new book processing are just a few examples.

Interested in becoming a library volunteer? Contact Sue Stretcher at